Teaching has been taking place in Oxford since 1096. Former Oxford students include 26 British Prime Ministers; at least 30 international leaders and 26 Nobel Prize winners. Admission is very difficult for a student as standards are very high. There are over 22,000 students at Oxford, including 11,832 undergraduates and 9,857 postgraduates.

Tutorials are at the heart of teaching at Oxford. A tutorial is a lesson with a tutor usually taking place once or twice every week. Tutors are experts in their field and often world-leaders. Students have to prepare work in advance, for example an essay or some mathematical problems, which they then discuss in the tutorial. Through tutorials, students develop powers of independent, critical thought; analytical and problem-solving abilities, and written and oral communication skills.

Oxford has more world-leading academics than any other UK university. It has the highest research income from external sponsors of any UK university, and receives the highest level of quality research funding from HEFCE. Oxford has a world-class reputation for academic excellence and courses have an academic rather than vocational focus. Many Oxford academics are international experts in their chosen fields in all disciplines of the sciences and arts. The university is consistently in the top four of the World's Top 200 league tables.

UBS Oxford is a private college founded by Oxford graduates and academics. It aims to reach the same quality standards as Oxford University. Of itself it has an administrative and marketing presence in Oxford and Delhi and carries out lecturing in Oxford University colleges during their vacation periods. In this way UBS Oxford students get not only the quality content of its courses but also the atmosphere of genuine Oxford academia.